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ISHI22 Attracts 700+ Top Forensic Professionals to Discuss the Latest in Forensic DNA

MADISON, WISCONSIN (September 20, 2011) Familial searching. Rapid DNA testing. Phenotyping. These breakthrough DNA technologies are among the timely issues in DNA analysis that will be explored at this year's 22nd International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI), October 3-6, 2011 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C. (www.ishi22.com). As the largest conference to focus on DNA analysis for human identification, the symposium attracts hundreds of forensic scientists from around the world.
Juan Enriquez, Harvard academic and author of As the Future Catches You, is this year's keynote. At ISHI, Enriquez will update his remarkably astute predictions from a decade ago, discussing the dramatic changes the world can expect over the next ten years as a result of the decoding of the human genome—an event he compares to the discovery of America with respect to how dramatically it will change the world. A well-regarded futurist and speaker, Enriquez recently co-curated TED2011 with Bill Gates, formerly of Microsoft®.
Other featured topics at this year's event include:
  • The growing use of familial DNA searching in criminal cases and the legalities and controversies that surround the practice.
  • Forensic DNA phenotyping, a type of DNA analysis that allows select physical characteristics, such as skin and eye color, to be inferred from a sample, essentially acting as an eyewitness.
  • The impending closure of the Forensic Science Service (FSS), the United Kingdom's version of the U.S. FBI, and what this means for the future of DNA analysis and global information sharing.
  • Rapid DNA technologies, like microfluidics and rapid PCR, which are enabling forensic professionals to complete work outside the lab using "lab-on-a-chip" kits.
  • How DNA is influencing history by confirming or refuting long-held beliefs about the ancestry of particular geographic regions.
  • The FORESIGHT program, a strategic effort to apply the quality principles so familiar in the business world to the forensic lab to help mitigate DNA backlogs and systematize processes.
Additional topics at ISHI22 include the current state of DNA legislation, new DNA technologies, the use of animal DNA in forensics, and more. For a full conference agenda, please visit: www.ishi22.com. For the latest on ISHI, please visit: www.ishinews.com.
This symposium for forensic experts and suppliers is offered through Promega Corporation.

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